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Transpac Managers, Inc. - Downhole Tool Insurance
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Services - Pipeline Inline Inspection Tool Insurance Coverholder at LLoyd's
What is Pipeline Inline Inspection Tool Insurance?

Pipeline Inline Inspection Tools Pipeline Inline Inspection Tool Insurance covers the replacement cost of scheduled tools while they are inside the pipeline during a pre-approved pipeline inspection. The tools can be covered for loss or damage while inline during an inspection. Inspection tools main loss event is damage due to tools becoming stuck in the pipeline.

What types of tools are covered?

Below is a list of the most common types of tools that we cover. If you have a special need for a tool not listed give us a call.
  • Inline Inspection Tools
  • Smart Pigs

Who is eligible for coverage?

Coverage is available to anyone who owns tools, or is contractually obligated to safeguard the tools while inside the pipeline. In most cases the following parties are eligible:
  • Pipeline Operators
  • Pipeline Inspection Contractors
  • Tool Rental Companies
  • Tool Manufacturers

How do we charge?

We charge a single rate per pipeline inspection run.
  • All rates on a per run basis
  • Multiple pipeline discounts are offered.
  • Special rate plans for Inline Inspection Contractors

How are losses handled?

Losses are handled by claims adjusters specializing in the energy industry. This translates into quick turnaround times for you when it comes to proof of loss and payment. We know time is money, and unlike other contractors and insurance companies, we provide claim payments in days rather than months.

Will we be there when you need us?
  • We understand that drilling does not stop at 5:00 PM or on the weekends. We are available to assist you in getting coverage 24/7.
  • Upon receiving a completed application, we can get a quote in your hands in less than 24 hours.

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