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Transpac Managers, Inc. - Downhole Tool Insurance
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Downhole Tool How to Submit a Well for a Quote?

Step 1: Complete Application

Download Application:

 More InfoDownhole Tool Equipment Coverage Application   or   More InfoSubmit Online

 More InfoPipeline Inline Inspection Equipment Coverage Application   or   More InfoSubmit Online

Please complete all fields in the application thoroughly to speed up the process.

  Note: If you are a new agent please follow the Agent Producer Agreement Instructions

Step 2: Submit Application
Submit completed Equipment Coverage Application along with available schematics of the intended drilling site.

Option 1: Email

Option 2: Fax (214) 346-1533

Step 3: Accept Quote
Within 1-3 business days after submission of your application, you will receive an email with one of the following responses:

Accepted – application has been accepted, and a quote for coverage of listed equipment will be attached.

Incomplete – application is incomplete, and additional information is required before a quote can be generated.

Declined – application contains details that are considered a high risk, according to our underwriting guidelines.

If you wish to accept the quote, please email Transpac indicating your acceptance of the terms and conditions stated within the quote.

Step 4: Confirmation of Coverage
When coverage is bound, you will receive an email including your confirmation of coverage and deposit premium invoice.

Key Features: All loses are subject to a 10% deductible in the US and 17.5% deductible in Canada, which is applied to the amount of the loss.

Please Read: Key Features of our Coverage

  • Coverage must be quoted and bound by Transpac Managers before coverage is in effect.
  • Coverage includes directional drilling tools while downhole, for loss or damage while below the rotary in bound wells.
  • Coverage includes replacement cost with no depreciation.
  • Coverage does not include fishing costs, but does include damage done as a result of fishing, with a 50% deductible subject to a $50,000 minimum.
  • Wells should be declared 24 hours in advance of tools going below the rotary.


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